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Billions of valuable resources are used for products and services that nobody needs nor wants. Talent is stuck, working for companies driven by overloaded processes that nobody needs; slowly moving machines. It’s sad and we can’t accept being part of this game anymore. The organisations need increased speed, fresh new perspectives coming from passionate professionals.

Our mission is to help people craft products creating a smarter planet. We empower people to tackle the extreme ambiguity and make the change. We help organisations (big or small, new or old) to create things that matter to them, to the society, to the world. And we really enjoy doing this, every single day.


  • Value proposition & business model design assuring common understanding of value
  • Design validation experiments and provide validation data for your product and business
  • Develop your product design methods and tools for sustainable profitable growth
  • Acquire funds and fund raising management for your breakthrough solutions
  • Design healthy environments for success and provide learning platforms
  • we bring networks and fresh perspectives to tackle the challenges


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How can we help you

Product Strategy

We help you design products solving real problems of your customers by eliminating the market uncertainties. We enable you to define the right product strategy; we make you productize with least friction possible.

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Technology De-Risking

We match emerging technologies to your needs. Together we increase the speed of your product creation by eliminating waste, providing access to tools, methods and network of experts. We design for success.

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Business Model Creation

We support you in the business model creation to make a difference enabling a sustainable and profitable growth. We dive in, sprint the pillars of your business model, validating them by right experiment design.

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